Ext of Time For Deposit of Title Deeds as per Order Dated 06.10.2021(17.08.2021)

Published on: 06/10/2021

The Hon'ble Supreme Court in the ongoing litigation in the Unitech matter lead matter being Civil Appeal No. 10856 of 2016 on 17.08.2021 has passed the following order:- Extension of Time till 19.10.2021 as per order dt 06.10.2021. "There are several homebuyers who have been refunded the full principal amount but have not handed over their title documents alongwith NOC's. They shall do so on or before 19.10.2021. They are put to notice that failing this, such units shall be deemed to have been surrendered and be included in the unsold inventory" That the said order is self explanatory and therefore it is requested that all the homebuyers who have received the refund of full principal amount, they shall deposit the title deeds with NOC's at the office of Amicus so that the same can be deposited with the registry of the Hon'ble Supreme Court. Office address of Amicus:- B-3, Sagar Apartments 6, Tilak Marg, New Delhi Opp. Tilak Marg Police Station. NOTE: "TITLE DEEDS" means provisional allotment letter, builder buyer agreement, receipts etc and "NOC "shall mean no Objection from Bank or other Financial or non financial institution if any loan was taken against the said property.